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Home dialysis

The right therapy at the right time and place

With our portfolio for Peritoneal dialysis and Home hemodiaysis you can be certain of having everything you need so as to optimize the outcomes for your patients while meeting their personal preferences.

Your partner in home dialysis solutions

Patients on dialysis are on a journey, and there are good reasons to consider home dialysis first. While informed patients would be likely to consider starting their dialysis as a therapy, healthcare professionals see home therapies as the best long-term dialysis treatment.1,2 Shared decision-making helps physicians find the best therapy fit.3 Home therapies can also offer cost effectiveness potential.4

Fresenius Medical Care is your partner in home dialysis, offering a range of solutions for both Peritoneal dialysis (PD) and Home Hemodialysis (HHD) as well as the associated clinical and practical solutions. We provide full support throughout the patient’s journey – and during all modality changes.

With our high standards, you can be certain of having everything you need to optimize the outcomes for your patients while fulfilling their personal preferences.

Patient during CAPD

CAPD: Individual clinical solutions for tailoring your patients’ therapy

Can small details make a difference?

In the area of Continuous Ambulatory Peritoneal dialysis (CAPD) our individual clinical solutions are designed for tailoring your patients’ therapy. 

The stay•safe system – small details that make a big difference

The stay•safe system has been specifically designed to help patients with their daily self-care CAPD treatment on a safe and convenient basis:5-9

  • The stay•safe DISC guides patients through the essential steps of the CAPD treatment and simplifies the handling procedure.
  • The unique blue stay•safe PIN automatically closes the catheter extension before disconnection, reducing risk steps and the related possibility of touch contamination.

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Patient with grandchild

APD: Personalized treatment and adaptable over time

As individual as your patients: sleep•safe harmony

How can one cycler offer therapy options tailored to your patients’ needs?

In Automated Peritoneal dialysis (APD) our sleep•safe harmony cycler offers advanced features which have the goal of improving patient care. It contributes to the improvement of patient compliance and saves training time. Adapted APD (aAPD) therapy with sleep•safe harmony enables you to combine sequences of short dwells and small fill volumes with long dwells and large fill volumes and varying glucose concentrations. Adapted APD is a new way of prescribing PD that optimizes ultrafiltration (UF) and clearance within one PD session.10

sleep•safe harmony offers:

  • Personalized treatment which is adjusted to your patients’ needs
  • Adapted APD therapy option can improve ultrafiltration and clearance10 
  • Patient guidance with integrated on-screen animations
  • Guided prescription on the cycler and via PatientOnLine software

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aAPD diagram

Adapted automated peritoneal dialysis (aAPD) – achieving more with the same input

The adapted automated PD (aAPD) approach was proposed by Fischbach M. et al:10 by combining sequences of short dwells and small fill volumes with long dwells and large fill volumes, aAPD promotes ultrafiltration (UF) and clearance within one PD session.

Compared with conventional APD, by targeting UF and clearance separately, aAPD increases the dialysis efficiency with a reduction in glucose absorption.

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Patient during HHD at home

HHD: Our vast hemodialysis experience – available at home

Wouldn’t you rather start HHD with proven technology?

For a significant number of End Stage Renal Disease patients, Home Hemodialysis (HHD) represents a viable alternative to in-center treatment. For these patients, Fresenius’ vast hemodialysis experience is also available at home. With 5008S CorDiax and the home hemodialysis portfolio of Fresenius Medical Care, patients can perform advanced therapies at home:

  • Dialysis and water technology from the global provider of products and services
  • Safety features giving you and your patients peace of mind for daytime or overnight dialysis
  • Technical support for the convenience of you and your patients

Centered around the 5008S CorDiax dialysis machine, Fresenius Medical Care has developed a comprehensive portfolio of optimized complementary products that enable reliable partner-assisted or self-administered hemodialysis. With the Fresenius Medical Care home hemodialysis offering, the patient is at the center of our focus.

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Doctor in lab coat

Volume Control – a practical way to assess and help correct fluid status

Volume Control is designed to help you improve the lives and outcomes of your patients as you help them to achieve a better fluid status. By combining state-of-the-art technological devices with practical therapeutic advances, Volume Control offers new ways of solving common fluid management challenges.

Volume Control aims to achieve proactive and timely interventions in the case of fluid imbalances, to encourage better patient dietary adherence, to maintain RRF, to achieve and maintain euvolemia, and prevent cardiovascular complications.

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Home solutions by Fresenius Medical Care

Fresenius Medical Care is your partner for home dialysis and for the associated clinical and practical solutions which support you, from the set-up of a home program with PD and HHD and along your patient’s journey, from patient initiation and training through to all of the modality changes. Our home solutions include essential customer support, such as:

  • Home dialysis program set-up
  • Training support
  • Installations at patient’s homes
  • Home supply services
  • Clinical support tools

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