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Concentrate supply for dialysis Water technology solutions

Concentrate supply key visual – Fresenius Medical Care

Reliable preparation and supply of acid concentrate

  • Granumix plus — Simplicity where it counts most
  • Granumix — In-house acid concentrate provision
  • CDS3 — Modern and economical central delivery system

Concentrate supply at a glance

The manual production, storage and distribution of dialysis concentrates are strenuous and time-consuming work. In order to lighten your workload, we offer various systems for delivering or mixing concentrate, depending on the size of the dialysis center.

Simplicity where it counts most

Granumix plus

Granumix plus is a system for the production of acidic dialysis concentrate. It can produce up to three different concentrates, the ultimate quantity of concentrate amounts 2 x 750l.

Advantages of the Granumix plus:

  • Automated Mixing of DIAMIX
  • Operation Data Monitoring
  • FTP-Server
  • Network connectivity
  • Remote control
  • Fail safe concentrate supply with integrated CDSplus

In-house acid concentrate provision


Granumix 107S / 507S has been designed for the preparation of liquid haemodialysis concentrate. Preparation of the concentrate takes place in three simple steps:
  1. Filling the mixing tank
  2. Addition of dry concentrate powder
  3. Transfer of concentrate solution to storage system

Granumix is available in two models, 107S and 507S, for 100 and 500 liters, respectively

Advantages of Granumix 107S / 507S:

  • Simple but effective design
  • Short production time
  • Disinfection and rinsing time less than 60 minutes
  • Accessories available for testing of the batches produced


CDS3 is a modern and economical Central Delivery System. The CDS3 module delivers the required volume of dialysis concentrate to the closed distribution loop.

Advantages of the CDS3:

  • Flexibility due to modular concept 
  • Operational safety with integrated emergency operation option   
  • High grade of automation with automatic start-stop function, automatic circulation and tank switch    
  • The CDS3 can be operated remotely via web browser or with optional remote control
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