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IgEnio IgE adsorber

IgEnio® IgE adsorber

A treatment option for removing IgE

IgEnio® is a flexible therapy option for patients suffering from severe stages of allergic symptoms. It selectively removes type IgE antibodies from the plasma in a single treatment. IgEnio® presents a valuable therapy option for patients with high IgE levels, where conventional treatments prove ineffective.

The distinctive characteristics of IgEnio®
  • Well-defined: based on a well-defined anti-IgE single-chain fragment1
  • Selective: only removes IgE, leaving IgM and IgG immunoglobulins unaffected1
  • Single-pass: easy handling without column regeneration during the treatment1
  • Single-use: therapeutic apheresis without the need for preservation between treatments1
  • Compatible: fully compatible with Fresenius Kabi COM.TEC® and other centrifuge systems1
  • In the ESPIRA study, the IgEnio® adsorber was combined with the Fresenius Kabi COM.TEC® cell separator to perform a specific type of immunoapheresis (IA) in patients with severe atopic asthma. IgE levels in patients treated with IgEnio® were clearly reduced after each cycle, whereas IgE levels in the control group were stable2.

IgEnio® achieved an average IgE-reduction of 88% per cycle (including three treatments)2

ESPIRA study results

Above: chart adapted from ESPIRA study.

Adverse events were successfully controlled by standard medication in all cases and treatment could be reliably performed2.

Mean IgE levels during cycle one of the ESPIRA study2

IgEnio® uses a specific ligand with high affinity for IgE

After separation from other blood components, the plasma is passed through the IgEnio® adsorber column, where IgE binds to ScFv12. ScFv12 is an anti-IgE antibody-derived single-chain fragment with a high affinity for human IgE.


Benefits of treatment with IgEnio®
  • Single-use adsorber with a specific IgE ligand from a recombinant single-chain variable fragment1
  • Average IgE reduction of 86% in the ESPIRA study2
  • Flexible patient treatment scheme1
  • A clinical setup simply requires a centrifuge (e.g., Fresenius Kabi COM.TEC®) for plasma generation3
Clinical setup for IgEnio

Clinical setup for IgEnio® Adapted from Lupinek C et al2

Clinical setup

Treatment setup for IgEnio® simply requires a centrifuge (e.g., Fresenius Kabi COM.TEC®) for plasma generation.

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1 IgEnio® - Instructions for use

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