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Home hemodialysis

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Advanced therapies and services for home patients

  • Sophisticated safety features
  • HighVolumeHDF improves patient outcomes1
  • Ergonomic design for easy use

Dialysis at the highest quality level

For a significant number of End Stage Renal Disease patients, Home Hemodialysis (HHD) presents a viable alternative to in-center treatment.

Studies have also shown that the patients themselves perceive significant benefits in dialyzing at home. More flexibility in choosing the time of day to perform dialysis gives them greater freedom in their life. As a result, they often feel better, both emotionally and physically, after converting to home dialysis.1

Patients are able to dialyze more frequently, with beneficial results including improved blood pressure control, reduced medication, and the ability to have a more enjoyable diet and live a more normal life.1

Centered around the dialysis machine 5008S CorDiax, Fresenius Medical Care has developed a comprehensive portfolio of optimized complementary products that make partner-assisted or self hemodialysis treatment reliable and easy.

The complete home hemodialysis solution

With the Fresenius Medical Care home hemodialysis portfolio, the patient is in our focus.


• Easy and intuitive set-up
• Use of plasticizer with high hemo-compatibility and low cytotoxic reaction
• DEHP-free

Therapy Data Management System

Therapy Data Management System
• Sophisticated and reliable data management
• Individualized therapy prescription via PatientCard or LAN network
• Online LAN connection allows physician to prescribe and monitor the treatment



• Liquid acid concentrate
• Fully collapsible bag for minimal waste volume
• Environmentally friendly2 PVC-free bags
• Minimum storage requirements


• Dry bicarbonate
• Reduced carry weight
• Ergonomic and easy one-hand handling
• Fully collapsible bag for waste reduction
• Environmentally friendly PVC-free bags

FX CorDiax High-Flux dialyzers

FX CorDiax High-Flux dialyzers
• Improved clearance of uremic toxins while minimizing the loss of vital albumin3
• Low weight of dialyzer resulting in low waste management costs
• Available as High-Flux dialyzer and hemodiafilter

Blood pressure cuffs

Blood pressure cuffs
• Fully automated and non-invasive blood pressure monitoring
• Comfortable handling via remote control

Complete services for home patients

Complete services for home patients
• Home delivery system and installation services
• Training for staff and patients
• Technical services and support

AquaC UNO H water treatment system

AquaC UNO H water treatment system
• Specially designed for home dialysis
• Low noise emissions
• Minimum maintenance required
• Equivalent quality and safety standards for all therapy modalities at home as in the clinic
• Fully automated heat disinfection of the entire fluid system* with 5008S CorDiax


* In accordance with ISO 23500

At a glance

Sophisticated safety features

5008S CorDiax with optional VenAcc stops the blood pump immediately if fluid is detected, e.g. caused by needle dislodgement

Sophisticated safety features

  • The single-use sensor patch of the VenAcc wetness detector enables immediate detection of small amounts of fluid
  • Improved monitoring of the venous path with Venous Access Monitoring (VAM), a dynamic and highly sensitive monitoring of the venous pressure
  • The single-use sensor patch of the VenAcc wetness detector enables immediate detection of small amounts of fluid
HighVolumeHDF improves patient outcomes

Results from the Catalonian high-volume HDF study Graph adapted from Maduell F. et al., (2013).4

HighVolumeHDF improves patient outcomes4

  • Less hospitalization and improved patient survival4
  • Improved cardiovascular stability and reduced risk of hypotensive episodes compared to HD treatment4
Ergonomic design for easy use

Simplified screen for control of key treatment parameters and a remote control

Ergonomic design for easy use

  • ONLINE priming for simple preparation of the extracorporeal circuit: no ready-made rinse solutions needed for priming, reinfusion, and bolus
  • Rotatable screen, for good visibility, that can be dimmed for undisturbed nocturnal dialysis
  • Remote control with wireless communication and emergency button, allowing easy handling of the key treatment parameters
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