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Art Universal therapeutic apheresis machine

Art Universal

Equipment for therapeutic apheresis

Art Universal

The Art Universal machine is equipped with four roller pumps and one syringe pump. It supports the majority of current therapeutic apheresis protocols.

The machine is supplied with a whole-blood pump, an ACD-A (citrate) anticoagulant pump, a plasma pump and an ancillary pump used for flushing and regenerating the MONET® plasma fractionator (lipoprotein filter). The syringe pump is specifically intended for heparin anticoagulation.

The user interface is simple and effective. Several procedural steps are either automated or flagged up by prompts, thus simplifying handling and reducing user errors. Built-in process safety checks maintain high safety levels, ensuring that the machine is correctly set up and that all disposables used meet established standards.

Art Universal supports the following protocols and procedures:

  • Whole-blood apheresis (DALI® , four configurations in two alternative protocols, DALI® Standard and DALI® Low Citrate)
  • Plasma fractionation, primarily used in lipoprotein filtration (MONET®) with automated, pressure-triggered rinsing of the lipoprotein filter
  • Plasma separation to supply adsorption procedures, including the Immunosorba®GLOBAFFIN and LIGASORB® regenerable adsorbers, which are controlled by a separate adsorption monitor (ADAsorb®, see below)
Art therapeutic apheresis machine



The Art machine is equipped with a blood pump, an ACD-A anticoagulant pump and a plasma pump.

Art supports DALI® whole-blood apheresis in four configurations and the following two alternative protocols:

  • DALI® Standard
  • DALI® Low Citrate

The user interface is simple and effective. Automated steps and prompts simplify handling and help reduce user errors.

The Art machine maintains high safety levels. Built-in process safety checks ensure that it is correctly set up and that all disposables used meet established standards.

ADAsorb therapeutic apheresis machine



ADAsorb® is manufactured by medicap clinic GmbH, a longstanding German cooperation partner. The ADAsorb® machine is a highly sophisticated secondary plasma processing device, particularly suited to supporting regenerable single and twin adsorber column systems. In twin adsorber systems, ADAsorb® allows for parallel treatment and regeneration cycles that optimise treatment, including in terms of time efficiency.

ADAsorb® automatically adapts to the plasma supply provided by a range of different plasma separation devices, including Art Universal as well as COM.TEC® and Amicus by Fresenius Kabi. The pressure that the plasma flow generates determines the pump flows.ADAsorb® currently supports GLOBAFFIN, Immunosorba® and LIGASORB® from the Fresenius Medical Care range of adsorbers. ADAsorb® is equipped with a touch screen monitor that displays every step of the procedure, facilitating transparent operation of the machine. The ADAsorb® safety system includes several automated routines that help to minimise user effort as well as user errors. More detailed information can be found on the website.

COM.TEC® and Amicus®

COM.TEC® and Amicus® are multi-procedural apheresis platforms that use centrifugation to separate blood components. Centrifugal plasma separation is highly efficient, allowing for peripheral venous access in many cases.

Both devices offer therapeutic apheresis, including therapeutic plasma exchange as well as plasma treatment. Regarding the latter, both devices can be combined with ADAsorb®, but are also compatible with the IgEnio® adsorber and the MONET® plasma fractionator.

For more detailed information on these devices, please visit the Transfusion Products section of the Fresenius Kabi website.

COM.TEC therapeutic apheresis machine


Amicus therapeutic apheresis machine