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Dialysis water supply 

Dialysis water supply, Fresenius Medical Care

Comprehensive dialysis water treatment systems for Health Care Professionals.

  • Comprehensive range of reverse osmosis systems
  • Individualized water treatment systems
  • High standard of water purification for dialysis
  • AquaA, AquaBplus, AquaC

Dialysis water supply at a glance 

AquaA Product Group

Our innovation meets your evolving needs


AquaA is the advanced system for permeate preparation in dialysis center and provides a permeate capacity up to 4,000 l/h.


Advantages of the AquaA:
Integrated sample ports for quality assurance procedures
Integrated control system before and during dialysis operation
Energy and water saving operation
Remote control
Emergency operation
Prepared for integration into dialysis and hospital IT management systems
AquaA - Fresenius Medical Care




AquaBplus Product Group

The right fit for your budget


AquaBplus B2

AquaBplus HF

AquaC Product Group

When independence matters



High flexibility – Optional porters for AquaC UNO H and AquaUNO


AquaWTU is a complete reverse osmosis water treatment system designed to supply up to 5 dialysis machines. The complete system is housed and comprises pre-treatment and reverse osmosis.


Advantages of the AquaWTU:
Production of dialysis permeate from drinking water
Automatic rinse cycles
Programmable start / stop function
User-friendly interface
Integrated pre-filtration including softener
AquaWTU - Fresenius Medical Care

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