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multiFiltrate Acute Therapy System

Your choice for optimal therapy

  • Ergonomic and intuitive
  • Safe and easy handling
  • Full range of renal replacement therapies
  • In combination with the advantages of Ci-Ca®

Key features

You have the choice

Our experienced staff and tested and proven training concept support you with initial and ongoing training.

multiFiltrate acute therapy options
  • Ci-Ca® CVVHD
  • Ci-Ca® CVVHD EMiC®2
  • Ci-Ca® postCVVHDF
  • CVVHD EMiC®2
  • CVVH
  • Pre-Post CVVH
  • MPS
  • SCUF
  • HP
  • Pediatric CVVH / CVVHD
multiFiltrate Ci-Ca® contains
  • 6 roller tube pumps
  • 2 integrated heating systems for solutions
  • 1 integrated heparin pump
  • 1 robust and highly accurate weighing system
multiFiltrate acute therapy machine with Ci-Ca® module
multiFiltrate acute therapy machine 

Therapy kits

Complete kits for multiFiltrate

Treatment kit options for multiFiltrate therapies


Well-designed user interface on the multiFiltrate

Standard settings for the multiFiltrate Ci-Ca® postCVVHDF
Display of the multiFiltrate Ci-Ca® postCVVHDF during the treatment, illustrated with the standard settings
  • Step-by-step setup instructions
  • Easy guidance for bag changes
  • Standard settings to ease startup
  • No manual calculations necessary

Ci-Ca® therapy with integrated Ci-Ca® module


The benefits

  • Quality assurance with assessment of treatment data
  • Detailed documentation, such as display of individual fluid balances
  • Data retrieval at multiple locations using network interfaces

Advanced technology means

Complex system, simple service

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