A treatment option for removing IgE

IgEnio® IgE adsorber

IgEnio® is a flexible therapy option for patients suffering from severe stages of allergic symptoms. It selectively removes type IgE antibodies from the plasma in a single treatment. IgEnio® presents a valuable therapy option for patients with high IgE levels, where conventional treatments prove ineffective.

IgEnio® achieved an average IgE-reduction of 88% per cycle (including three treatments)2

Mean IgE levels during cycle one of the ESPIRA study2

IgEnio® uses a specific ligand with high affinity for IgE

After separation from other blood components, the plasma is passed through the IgEnio® adsorber column, where IgE binds to ScFv12. ScFv12 is an anti-IgE antibody-derived single-chain fragment with a high affinity for human IgE.

ESPIRA study results
Above: chart adapted from ESPIRA study Adverse events were successfully controlled by standard medication in all cases and treatment could be reliably performed2.

Clinical setup

Treatment setup for IgEnio® simply requires a centrifuge (e.g., Fresenius Kabi COM.TEC®) for plasma generation.

Clinical setup for IgEnio
Clinical setup for IgEnio® Adapted from Lupinek C et al2

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