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Effective broad-spectrum immunoadsorption with GLOBAFFIN

GLOBAFFIN immunoadsorption

GLOBAFFIN — efficient and selective autoimmune disease treatment

GLOBAFFIN is the first synthetic broadband immunoadsorber. It is completely free from products of animal origin. GLOBAFFIN adsorber uses synthetic peptide GAM ligands to bind specific groups of antibodies. Peptide GAM is covalently bound to an insoluble Sepharose carrier matrix. It has a strong binding affinity, especially to the constant (Fc) section of subclass 1, 2 and 4 IgG antibodies.

Peptide GAM also binds with lower affinity to IgG subclass 3 as well as to IgM and IgA antibodies. The amount of IgG antibodies and immune complexes removed depends on the volume of plasma treated.1

GLOBAFFIN — efficient and selective autoimmune disease treatment

During treatment, two GLOBAFFIN adsorbers are used alternately. While one adsorber binds the antibodies, the other is regenerated through the elution of bound antibodies. These processes are repeated for the duration of the treatment session. Thereafter, the adsorbers are conserved for the patient’s next session. The high selectivity of the GLOBAFFIN adsorber facilitates therapy schemes involving more than one treatment on each consecutive day. In the case of other extracorporeal procedures, such as plasma exchange, this is not possible.

Immunoadsorption with GLOBAFFIN
The broadband immune adsorber GLOBAFFIN uses Peptid-GAM® ligands for the binding of antibodies.

Clinical setup

  • A clinical setup requires the Art Universal device for plasma separation and the ADAsorb® machine for the column management.
  • As an alternative to the ART Universal device, a centrifuge could be used to obtain plasma.
GLOBAFFIN clinical setup
GLOBAFFIN clinical setup

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