sleep•safe harmony

sleep•safe harmony device

As individual as your patients

Because patients are different

Important parameters for successful PD:

  • Age
  • Weight
  • D/P creatinine
  • Residual renal function (RFF)
  • Ultrafiltration (UF)
  • Ut/V urea

Adapted APD (aAPD) therapy - Different patients, different settings

A clinical study comparing aAPD to conventional APD showed 1,2 :

sleep•safe harmony enables:

  • Complete individualisation for a fully personalised treatment
  • Guided prescription on the cycler or via Patient OnLine software

Patient A - Elisabeth

Patient B - Jack

Key features of the sleep•safe harmony cycler

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1 Fischbach M, Issad B, Dubois V, Taamma R. The beneficial influence on the effectiveness of automated peritoneal dialysis of varying the dwell time (short/long) and fill volume (small/large): randomized controlled trial. Perit Dial Int 2011; 31(4):450-8
2 Fischbach M et al, Abstract poster presentation at ASN 2010 in Denver, US