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6008 CAREsystem 

6008 CAREsystem - Fresenius Medical Care

More care. Less complexity.                          

With the 6008 CAREsystem*, Fresenius Medical Care leverages leading-edge technology to deliver advanced dialysis therapy more easily — leaving more time for direct patient care. More patients can benefit from improved outcomes and a higher level of care quality.


*6008 CAREsystem consists of the hemodialysis system 6008 and the associated 6008 CAREset

More care. Less complexity.

Learn more about the 6008CAREsystem.


Our commitment to Cardioprotective Hemodialysis — 6008 CAREsystem

Advanced therapies

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Less complexity in advanced therapy delivery

The 6008 CAREsystem represents highest standard for therapy.

By reducing necessary handling steps and simplifying workflows, renal replacement therapy becomes less complex, leaving more time for individual patient care.

The all-in-one disposable with completely pre-connected bloodlines for all treatment modalities allows for an easy switch of treatment modality and delivery of HighVolumeHDF®, which provides maximum flexibility. Innovative technologies enable an air-free design and the lowest extracorporeal volume, which both contribute to minimise the risk of clotting during therapy.1

Patient and user safety

Patient and user safety

Setting benchmarks in patient safety

Safety should be a self-evident, non-negotiable aspect of dialysis. With over 30 years of experience, we offer intelligent safety solutions and state-of-the-art technologies, setting new benchmarks in patient and user safety. Safety with Fresenius Medical Care means a high level of security, thanks to the 6008 CAREsystem’s innovative safety features.

Fewer process steps and touch points critical to hygiene lead to a reduced risk of infection and cross-contamination and contribute to advanced patient and user safety. Various innovative features, like blood reinfusion in a closed circuit, ensure a high level of patient and workplace safety.

Simplified workflows

Simplified workflows

Improved level of care quality

When therapy management is getting more and more complex, there is a growing demand for easy operability.

In order to optimize processes and therefore achieve economic advantages for the dialysis centre, the 6008 CAREsystem offers improved workflows. Intelligent technologies contribute to reducing user interactions required during set-up and disconnection phase and to lower pressure on staff. With a design focused on easy handling and usability, our product features aim to facilitate therapy delivery.

Therefore, all components of the 6008 CAREsystem are aligned to simplify routine procedures, in order to give nursing staff more time for individual patient care.

Direct cost savings

Direct cost savings

Optimizing economic efficiency and eco-friendliness

Ideally, a comprehensive therapeutic approach not only improves clinical outcomes but also enhances the control of therapy costs.

The 6008 CAREsystem allows you to perform advanced renal replacement therapies in a highly-efficient way, involving both Economic and environmental aspects.

The all-in-one CAREset, which has a compact design and is made of lightweight material (e.g. Biofine), simplifies logistics and reduces the weight of waste, thus contributing to the optimization of economic  efficiency and eco-friendliness.

6008 CAREsystem


At a glance

The 6008 CAREsystem offers advanced therapy options for Cardioprotective Hemodialysis while addressing today's challenges of:


  • Efficiency
  • Eco-friendliness
  • Optimized workflows

6008 CAREsystem

Technical data

6008CAREsystem technical data

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