CRRT and plasmapheresis filters

EMiC®2 filter

Appropriate for Ci-Ca® citrate and heparin anticoagulation

  • Steam sterilized
  • Long filter lifetimes
  • Excellent biocompatibility
  • Robust capillaries with minimal risk of blood leak
  • Filter size selectable to meet patient’s requirements

Key features





Improved removal of middle molecules

EMiC®2 filter and Ci-Ca® module
EMiC®2 filter for the removal of middle molecules
Enhanced Middle Molecule Clearance
Cut-off at around ~ 40 kDa
Advanced hollow fiber undulation
Steep sieving coefficient curve closely mimics the glomerular basement membrane
Substantially stable albumin levels
High efficacy also at low blood flows
Schematic depiction of sieving coefficients

Ultraflux® AV

Steam-sterilized Fresenius Polysulfone® Filters

Ultraflux® AV Filter

The Ultraflux® filters contain a Fresenius Polysulfone® membrane specifically developed for continuous renal replacement therapy. With this membrane, substances with a molecular weight of up to approximately 30kD can be eliminated. While plasma proteins like albumin, other large molecules and cellular blood constituents are retained. The filtration characteristics of this membrane come close to the natural human kidney’s function.
Due to their high mechanical stability and excellent filter lifetimes, the Ultraflux® filters AV paed, AV 400S, AV 600S, AV 1000S are applicable for use in all continuous renal replacement treatments.


plasmaFlux® - P1dry/P2dry

plasmaFlux® - P1dry/P2dry
Steam-sterilized dry plasma filter with two-layer membrane structure and modelled membrane topology
Dry delivery enables simplified set-up with a shortening of the rinsing procedure
Dedicated pores allow free passage of protein components such as immunoglobulins, lipoproteins and also other big molecules with molecular weights even those exceeding two million Dalton
The membrane’s blood contact surface has a coarse-meshed topology that prevents blood cells from blocking fine pores; a stable filtration process at low TMP with excellent sieving coefficient is enabled
Passage of blood cells through the membrane is prevented
The surface layer inside of the capillary is surrounded and stabilized by a second homogeneous, fine-pored layer
Fresenius Polysulfone® membrane offers excellent biocompatibility

Two-layer membrane structure of P1dry/P2dry plasmafilter

Electron micrograph of plasmafilters
Left: Electron micrograph of P1dry/P2dry capillary with view into hollow fiber. Right: Magnified to show inner surface and cross-section of two layer membrane.

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